We offer classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Lyrical.  We offer classes from 1.5 years old to adult.  We have recreational and competition classes in all styles of dance.

Class Descriptions

Creative Movement

Dance With Me (Toddler and Caregiver) classes’ are for ages 18 months to 2 years.  This creative movement class is geared to the tiny tots.  Caregivers can expect to take an active role in this class as their child explores movement, music and dance.  They will learn and grow in a new stimulating classroom environment. This is a great way to introduce basic movement and class structure before transitioning to an independent dance class.

Preschool Classes

Preschool classes’ main focus is to foster a love for dance and learning. This usually is the first experience in a dance classroom with a teacher and other students; therefore, etiquette such as listening, following instructions and being respectful to others is emphasized. Pre-ballet fundamentals and exercises are taught to increase creativity, flexibility, concentration and focus, providing a strong foundation.  Tap fundamentals are taught to increase coordination, rhythm, timing and musicality; providing a strong foundation for continued dance education at Dance Concepts.


Ballet provides the necessary technical foundation, quality of movement and artistry that supports most genres of dance. In ballet, we focus on developing technical foundation, body alignment and posture of the dancer.  As we continue to study dance, we focus on quality of movement and developing artistry. In addition to the many physical benefits of classical training (impeccable technique and a beautiful sculpted body), ballet helps develop the mind and attitude of the dancer with discipline, focus and an appreciation of structure which are critical attributes for continued and successful dance education. Ballet training is essential for any dancer who wants to excel in jazz and contemporary styles as the technique and vocabulary for these disciplines come from ballet


Jazz allows students to dance to “today’s popular music” from current music artists. Jazz is a fun, high-energy dance form that steals and borrows movement from ballet technique, modern, hip-hop and even ethnic forms of dance. The focus of this class is to build strength, flexibility, body and mental awareness and style; providing the necessary knowledge and skills for possible participation in junior and senior high school extracurricular activities such as dance company, drill team, and musical theatre. Because of the technical demands in jazz, students are encouraged to supplement their jazz training with ballet or jazz technique classes.


Tap is an important dance form for dancers serving as a critical building block for all dance forms as it develops a strong foundation of coordination, rhythm, timing and musicality. Lower levels of tap will master basic tap technique while intermediate and advanced tap levels will learn more intricate and complex tap steps involving syncopated rhythms.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a “street style” of dance that tends to be less structured than other dance forms as it focuses on self-expression and movement that involves the whole body. Hip-hop mixes funk and video dance styles, focusing on its own technique that consists of gliding, popping, locking and breaking.  Hip-Hop is perfect for the beginning or advanced student who has the desire to participate in a popular and energetic dance style which does not require knowledge or training in classical technique.


Contemporary/Lyrical dance develops a strong and flexible body with good posture and poise. Includes balancing, extensions, isolations, and controlled movements with lots of emotion.  These classes combine the style and movement of jazz with the elegance and grace of ballet.


Pointe (invitation only) class is for the dancer who would like to take ballet to the next level.  Pointe dancing is extremely demanding but can be very rewarding for the ballet dancer.  Dancers must be enrolled in ballet to be invited to participate in this class and should not be younger than 12 years old.

Adult (Advanced)

Adult (Advanced) class is for previous dancers who would like to continue dance as an adult.  Classes consist of jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop.  Each week a new genre and combo after a stretch and progressions.  Although this is an advanced class it is a fun and no-pressure atmosphere. 

Adult (Beginner Tap)

Adult (Beginner Tap) class is for the adults who want to learn the basics of tap dancing.  This class is super fun with a no-pressure atmosphere.  This class is a great place to get together with friends and learn something new.